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What is the Pro-Adjuster?

It is a new and very advanced technology in the chiropractic profession that is based on technology developed by NASA for the Space Program. The Pro-Adjuster locates and corrects the subluxations occurring in your spine. Correcting subluxations provides relief and eliminates many irritating or painful problems.

The Pro-Adjuster accurately determines whether the vertebrae is out of position by applying a very light mechanical force to the spine. The amount of this force is equivalent to tapping your fingers on a table. The vibration returned to the Pro-Adjuster allows the computer to completely evaluate the position of each vertebrae, giving far more information to the doctor about your spinal health than was ever available before. This results in a higher level of care for you than was previously available.

How does the Pro-Adjuster Work?


On each of your visits Dr. Mruz will perform an analysis, adjust you with the Pro-Adjuster and then reanalyze. You will see the changes in your spine immediately. The computer analysis will display your problem areas and show the organs and tissues that are affected. This gives you a thorough understanding of your problem. It will show you how your course of treatment is proceeding and the degree of resolution of your condition.

How is the Pro-Adjuster Different than Manual Adjusting?


First, you won't hear any popping noise coming from your spine. The Pro-Adjuster utilizes a precise oscillating vibration to gently realign the misaligned segment of your spine, thus removing the "pinching" of the nerves. As a result, pain, tension, headaches, digestive trouble, etc. are relieved. The amount of pressure can be precisely controlled and adjusted for your comfort. The Pro-Adjuster will register when the misalignment is corrected and automatically stops the treatment at just the right time. This is why the treatment is safe, pain-free and effective.

Dr. Mruz will then re-evaluate your spine with the instrument and a post analysis will be displayed on the screen, You will then be able to see the degree of change and actually compare the before and after readings. Each treatment will build on the last because each and every visit will be based on a completely new analysis of your spine.

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